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Inspiring our community to connect for positive impact.

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Amplify Your Engagement in Our Community

Participate in an educational workshop, join a giving circle, or arrange for a private consultation about your areas of interest. We’re here to help.

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support for nonprofits

Nonprofits are invited to complete a Nonprofit Profile form to get connected with Ripple Impact NW programs, including our Giving Pop-Ups, Volunteer Match-Ups, and educational events. The completed Profiles are also accessible for use in individual consultations.


Support local causes in Clark County

A Young Girl Plays in the Woods as part of Ripple Impacts Focus on Children’s Mental Health

Giving Circles

A Grandfather Helps His Grandson Plant A Garden As Part of Ripple Impact’s Support of Our Natural World


A man gives a homeless woman food at a food bank as part of RIpple Impact’s homelessness-houselessness giving circle

Giving Pop-Ups!


December 11, 2024

Ripple Impact NW hosts a year-end Celebration.
Nonprofit staff, volunteers, supporters, and friends are invited!

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