For Nonprofits

Get the support and opportunities you need.

Create a Nonprofit Profile

Before you do anything else, create your nonprofit profile. This will allow you to participate with the community in a variety of ways. Sharing your information, connects you with opportunities.

How Can Ripple Impact Support My Nonprofit and Cause?

Ripple Impact was founded to bring the community and nonprofits together. Nonprofits are essential to the infrastructure of a thriving community. We would like to know more about your organization, and share with others.
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Panels & Giving Circles

We connect nonprofits providing services to Clark County WA residents with funding opportunities via our Giving Circles. Join us in educating and inspiring prospective donors about their community! And about the special part your group plays for the common good.

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Come to Connect & Celebrate Great Work

Ripple Impact hosts two Happy Hours and a year-end Celebration. Nonprofit staff, volunteers, supporters, donors, and friends in business are invited!

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