Explore the Power of Our Giving Circles

Become a part of our Giving Circle, where each year brings new and engaging topics. Our Circles are designed to accommodate 10-20 donor members, ensuring a rich and thoughtful experience for all. Plus, your contribution, starting at $550, is amplified through the generosity of our silent partners, multiplying its impact.

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How Do the Sessions Work?

We begin with introductions and the basics of the Giving Circle. We learn about the topic from insightful presenters. All Circle Members are welcome to review the grant applications and help decide what groups will be invited to come and tell us more! This is where you learn so much about the community – your heart and mind have a new understanding of what is, and what is possible.

2024 Giving Circles

Supporting local causes in Clark County

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Discover Ripple Impact Panels

Dive into the heart of local issues with Ripple Impact Panels. Designed for those eager to explore topics relevant to Clark County, our panels are tailored to engage individuals ranging from the curious to potential donors. Our goal is simple: to provide attendees with a fresh perspective on the topic informed and inspired by local leaders actively engaged in the field.

Our panels are educational programs, not fundraisers. Your registration fee supports our programming, no solicitations are made on behalf of presenting nonprofits. The events include two or more speakers and offer a framework for deeper comprehension of local issues. They are not however, a comprehensive overview.

It’s important to note that although each panel precedes a Giving Circle, they stand alone as unique events. Not everyone attending will necessarily participate in the Circles.

Please remember, Ripple Impact NW Panels do not serve as a resource for funding or services to individuals; rather, we’re here to facilitate understanding and engagement of the broader topic within our community.

Panel Date TBA

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Giving Pop-Ups

Your Invitation to Explore Local Nonprofits

Welcome to Giving Pop-Ups, a fresh addition to our lineup in 2024! Imagine a space where community dreams come alive—children playing, music in the air, and memories of history. What’s your vision for our community’s future? Join us in turning those dreams into reality for the greater good.

At Giving Pop-Up sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in small group conversations with five or more local nonprofits. Each event is carefully curated to showcase a diverse range of organizations, varying in size, focus, and impact. Over two hours, you’ll meet change-makers who are shaping our community for the better.

But here’s the twist: while every nonprofit present will receive a grant of at least $500 from our Partner Circle—matching your donation of $100 or more—there won’t be any fundraising pitches. Instead, you’ll connect with passionate individuals eager to share their work, answer your questions, and shed light on their mission.

Your donation of $100 or more will be directly allocated to the nonprofit of your choice at the session’s conclusion. You can add more at that point as well – and support two or more groups! This isn’t about competition; it’s about collective giving. We’ll publish the total raised, celebrating our combined impact.

Join us at Giving Pop-Ups and be part of the change you wish to see in our community.

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