Participate in An !nspire Philanthropy Workshop

Help engage the community in your cause.

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How !nspire Philanthropy Workshops work

People want to get involved and support their community, but most give in response to other people asking. Our program provides tools for people to consider how to proactively create a strategy or plan for giving based on their values, interest, background, and financial context.

!nspire Philanthropy Workshops help people learn about community needs and what role they can play in meeting those. They will come to develop a criterion for things to consider in giving, and select which tools are important to them in their decision-making process.

Are they drawn to upstream approaches, or in-the-moment needs?

What do they need to consider in gift size relative to the nonprofit’s capacity?

Giving can look intimidating, but we are here to help them develop a simple plan and meet some of our local organizations doing amazing work in the community.

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